What is the lead time?

The standard production time is 12 weeks, however during very busy times this can be more, so please contact us for an accurate lead time.


Do you offer delivery for Freestanding Kitchens?

You can arrange your own collection or we are happy to recommend a courier company to you. The cost for delivery will be arranged directly between you and the courier company as a separate transaction. Please contact us for more details.


Are hinges, knobs and handles included?

Brass butt hinges are included. Our handmade hinges, as well as knobs and handles are extra items which can be ordered from us, or you can source them yourself. Take a look at our Hinges, Knobs & Handles page.


How is your furniture made?

It is made in our workshops in the south of England:

• Wooden dovetail jointed drawers
• Soft close runners
• Oak veneer or mfc carcasses
• Wooden frames properly glued and screwed together
• Brass butt hinges in the frame
• ready painted doors and frames.

What about sustainability?

• We use FSC sourced woods

• Wood waste is used for heating
, recycled or reused

• We use water-based paints.


Do I need to employ a kitchen fitter?

Our unfitted furniture is just that! Like any piece of furniture, care will need to be taken when placing it in position and setting wedges or chocks in place if necessary. Therefore there’s no need for a specialist kitchen fitter, however if you’re putting in a sink, taps or appliances we recommend you consult a specialist.

Is a freestanding kitchen cheaper than a fitted kitchen?

Freestanding kitchens generally work out less pricey than fitted ones of a similar handmade quality, especially when you factor in the fitting costs: a skilled kitchen fitter will often be working at your house for two weeks or more, which is unnecessary for a freestanding kitchen. And our unfitted furniture is ideal for renters or those looking to move more frequently as it can be transported to a new home – or even passed down the generations – which gives it greater sustainability.

What about plumbing, electrics and gas?

All electrical and gas works need to be carried out by a specialist. Plumbing can be more straight forward, but again we would recommend you use a specialist tradesperson for support.

Do you do bespoke items and sizes?

Yes, we do. If you want a piece of furniture a little longer, shorter, a different height or with more drawers for example, we can make it specially for you. We can also design and make other items – perhaps you need a table or specific cupboard – just let us know and we’ll do it! 

How do Freestanding Kitchens work with appliances?

Our furniture is designed to incorporate appliances – see the specific items. A sink can go either against a wall in Base Cabinet No 1, or it can be incorporated into a freestanding island, with the pipework and drainage exiting into the centre, where it can't be seen. Islands can also include hobs and ovens, with wires and plumbing hidden inside.

Can I put several items of furniture together?

Yes – our furniture is designed so that wooden or stone worktops can span multiple freestanding items, and the gaps between can be filled with infills.

How should I hang a wall cupboard?

Our wall cupboards come with adjustable hanging brackets, a simple mechanism needing only a spirit level and a screwdriver. You will however need to have a mechanical fixing in the wall behind to attach to.


Will my furniture fit through my door?

Our furniture is designed to fit through standard-sized doorways, but if you think there may be a problem we can package it in smaller pieces which can be assembled on site. This is especially relevant if it is to go upstairs. Always check your doorways and make sure access is easy for two people.


Do you work with professionals?

We do! Just contact us to discuss your project – email info@huckleberryhome.co.uk or telephone +44 (0)1844 220 168.

To find out more, take a look at our Design Guide or Contact Us

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