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It Ain't Half Hot Mum

Friday nights in our house normally means a curry of some form. As someone who enjoys cooking – and I’m no chef – I thought it worthwhile to work out how to make a homemade curry that has that restaurant vibe.

We have tried all the various pastes and ready made types and whilst they are okay, they don’t really give you the same experience you get at the local curry house. I do enjoy a hot one from time to time but occasionally I have been known to get it wrong and produce weapons-grade fodder – one particular incident even reduced my 10-year-old son to tears, but that’s another story altogether.

So I started researching how to go about producing restaurant-style curry dishes and soon stumbled across some brilliant YouTube tutorials – it turns out restaurant curries are rather different to the traditional Indian dishes. After much watching and learning I decided to follow ‘Al’s Curry’ channel. He is a very likeable fellow, down to earth and clearly passionate about his curries. So I gathered all the ingredients and spent an afternoon making a gallon of base sauce that can be used for different dishes. The following day I had a go at Al’s Chicken Rogan. I made it far too hot (although it was still good) and we had to pour in a load of yoghurt to calm the waters, so to speak.

A week later when the memories had faded a bit I decided to try a Korma. Having bought and all of the spices needed, plus a box of coconut powder (desiccated coconut is not good apparently), I followed Al’s instructions step by step. I produced a triumph! Creamy, smooth and soft on the palette all washed down with an Indian Pale Ale. What a great way to start the weekend!