Huckleberry Freestanding Kitchens: how to design an unfitted kitchen

If you're wondering how to design a freestanding or unfitted kitchen, then read on! We'll show you how to draw a ground plan of your kitchen and give you some ideas about how to place the unfitted furniture that you need to make your kitchen. And we're here to help with your design – just contact us for a chat!

Huckleberry Freestanding Kitchen Island
Huckleberry Freestanding Kitchen Island

Huckleberry Freestanding Kitchen Furniture
Huckleberry Freestanding Kitchen Furniture

Here's how to design your kitchen:

1. Measure your room

If you haven’t measured a room before then here are a few tips to get you going, it’s not rocket science! All you need is: a tape measure, a ruler (scaled if possible), some A3 paper and a pencil.

Start by measuring the layout of your room, just sketch out the shape at first and then add the measurements as you move around. Start in one corner and then go around in the same direction.

Next measure the ceiling height and then the floor to the underside of any windows as well as the height of the windows.

Huckleberry Freestanding Kitchen Furniture

2. Draw your room

Working at 1:20 – an industry standard – take a piece of A3 paper and draw out the shape of your room to scale. Add in windows and doors and remember to note which way the doors open – this is important for placing fridges and tall items in particular.

It’s also worth noting general access at this point so check hallways, front doors etc in case there are any obvious obstacles.

Make a careful note of where the water comes in, is there a stopcock that needs access, where is the water waste going, are there any soil pipes in the corners etc?

Next look at your electrical outlets, where are the sockets positioned, is there a fuse board?​​​

With all of this information noted down you should now be able to make informed choices on where to place our furniture in your room and start to get creative with you plans. If it helps, you can make paper cut-outs of each piece of furniture, remembering to allow for the worktops.

Huckleberry Freestanding Kitchen Furniture

3. Place your furniture

Remember, electrics are easy to move, water can be run around the room along the walls quite easily but waste water is critical as this is the one part that needs to escape under it’s own steam! If you are unsure then best to talk to a tradesperson who will advice.

Draw out box shapes for each item of furniture, using the dimensions in our product descriptions, and scale at 1:20 (easier if you’re using a scale rule). Cut out each piece you want to use and then place them on your plan.

​Make sure you keep distances between items sensible, so for instance we recommend that an island should not be less than 900mm away from a sink run, and a fridge should be 100mm away from the wall to the side so that the door can open more than 90 degrees.

You may decide to place two freestanding pieces next to each other, let’s say a sink and base oven cabinet. You can then order wooden worktops at a separate size (or have a stonemason install these) so you get a continuous run.

Huckleberry Freestanding Kitchen Furniture

Huckleberry Freestanding Kitchen Furniture

Huckleberry Freestanding Kitchen Furniture

If you are unsure about your design or would like some support, see our FAQs or contact us and we can offer some guidance – email or telephone +44 (0)1844 220 – we are here to help!

Make it Your Own

  • Buy one or two pieces, or an entire kitchen – each piece can be purchased individually

  • Add an island, a larder or more storage without the hassle and expense of replacing the existing kitchen

  • Choose any colour –create impact with bold accents

  • You won’t need a kitchen fitter so it’s cost-effective

  • We can customise any of our designs or design something especially for you

  • We design and make furniture for any room in the house.

Quality British Craftsmanship

Unlike some other companies who manufacture in the Far East and assemble in the UK, we are proud to be part of the British furniture industry by making all our furniture at our specialist workshops in the south of England.

Long-lasting and Sustainable

  • Making furniture in the UK that will be used for many years, even generations, makes it sustainable and good for the planet

  • We only use FSC sourced woods and computerised CNC technology to minimise wastage

  • Cupboards are made from poplar and moisture-resistant MDF with solid oak dovetail wooden drawers, soft close runners and solid brass butt hinges

  • Any wood waste is reused or recycled.

Hinges, Handles, Worktops and Appliances

  • Our furniture comes with wooden worktops, or purchase your own stone worktops

  • We can supply appliances, sinks, taps and plumbing kits, or you can source these yourself

  • Hinges, knobs and handles can be purchased from us, or you can use your own.

At Huckleberry, we make islands, freestanding base cabinets, larder cupboards and wall cupboards, as well as many other things. Our influences come from classical and historic Georgian cabinets with beautiful proportions which match in spirit – not precise detail. We love the ‘below stairs’ look and the values of the Arts and Crafts movement. email or telephone +44 (0)1844 220