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Garden Kitchen Combination
2200-02 + 2200-05

Solid oak L-Shape with extended worktop
2200mm (86.61") wide
• 700mm (27.55") deep
• 900mm (35.43") worktop height
• 1 door
• 1 drawer
• Sink & taps
• Big Green Egg BBQ
• Dekton worktop in Fossil

2200-02 (with extended worktop):
2200mm (86.61") wide
• 700mm (27.55") deep (plus 200mm (7.87") worktop extension)
• 900mm (35.43") worktop height
• 1 door
• Dekton worktop in Fossil

Bespoke designs, custom sizes and finishes are available. 

To find out more, take a look at our FAQs below or contact us.

Classic Garden Kitchens are also available with our new Contemporary styling – the same solid oak and the same configurations as our Classic range, featuring:​

  • Straight legs

  • Thin vertical slatted doors

  • Handleless doors

  • Stainless steel hinges

  • Stainless steel adjustable feet

  • Option of stainless steel worktops.

Please enquire for more details.

Huckleberry Contemporary Garden Kitchens
  • What is the lead time?
    Each piece is made to order. The standard production time is 7 weeks, however during very busy times this can be more, so please contact us for an accurate lead time.
  • How is your furniture made?
    It is made in our workshops in the south of England using oak frames properly glued and screwed together. We use brass butt hinges.
  • Do you offer UK delivery?
    We can deliver as standard to mainland UK, or you can arrange your own collection please contact us for more details. If you would like it shipped internationally then please contact us to discuss.
  • Do you ship overseas?
    Yes we do! Please Contact Us to discuss delivery rates for orders outside the UK. We organise safe shipping via our shipping agent.
  • What about sustainability?
    We use FSC sourced woods and wood waste is used for heating, recycled or reused. We have designed all of our furniture with the latest nesting CNC technology in mind. This enables us to utilise every spare piece of wood where possible and reduces our waste.
  • What about plumbing, electrics and gas?
    All electrical and gas works need to be carried out by a recognised specialist. Plumbing can be more straight forward, but again we would recommend you use a specialist tradesperson for support.
  • Do you do bespoke items and sizes?
    Yes, we do. If you want a piece of furniture a little longer, shorter, a different height or with more drawers for example, we can make it specially for you. We can also design and make other items – perhaps you need a table or specific piece – just let us know and we’ll do it! 
  • Can I put several items together?
    Yes – our furniture is designed so that wooden or stone worktops can span multiple freestanding items, and the gaps between can be filled with infills.
  • How do you look after oak furniture?
    Our oak furniture comes with a natural finish, meaning we don’t oil or paint it. Oak is a very hardy material and is used for many outdoor applications and ages gracefully over time. We do recommend that at the end of each summer before you put it away or cover it up that you clean it with a PH neutral product, a gentle scrub with a nylon brush works well. Then rinse it down and let it dry before covering for the winter. 
  • Why Dekton worktops?
    Dekton is a very strong porcelain, which can be used outdoors as it is not affected by sunlight or frost and its colour remains true. It is also very resilient to high temperatures unlike other manmade worktops like quartz which can fade or crack in sunlight and heat when used outdoors. 
  • Can I use other types of worktops?
    Yes, you could use granite, lava stone, ceramic or even wood. We do however ask that you discuss this with us first as they all have their own merits and are not as hardy as Dekton!
  • What appliances do you offer?
    At present we are offering Beefeater gas BBQ grills in the Signature S3000 range (which can have a fixed gas supply or bottled gas) and Big Green Egg kamado BBQs. We can also offer fridges and Wolf appliances for bespoke designs.
  • Can you supply winter covers?
    Yes, we can, just let us know what you want and we will make them for you!
  • Do you offer a warranty?
    Yes, we offer a 10 year warranty as standard. However your furniture should  be looked after properly and we will not cover furniture that is abused, left uncovered and open to winter frosts, sea water or extreme weather.
  • How much variation will there be in the colour of the oak?
    Oak is a wonderful and natural material, it comes in quarter sawn sections and we machine it down to suit our proportions and needs. All wood has variations and oak is no exception in that sometimes parts are lighter, others might have more figuring or even a bit of sapwood. We embrace these natural variations and whilst we take every effort to keep the look and appearance consistent, we do however allow character and will leave some knots and small natural ‘notes’ in our furniture. It is also worth bearing in mind that oak has natural tannin in it, which means that it will change colour over the first season or two, some of the tannins will run out when it gets wet, but as time moves on it will settle into a softer grey. When it is looked after properly will soon take on its own care worn character. You only have to look at traditional oak outdoor furniture in outdoor settings to get an idea!
  • Do I need to employ a specialist fitter?
    No, our furniture is designed to be simply placed and then adjusted: the legs are all on stainless steel adjustable supports as this keeps them off the ground and away from standing water. These are straight forward to adjust and do not require a specialist. 
  • Do you work with professionals?
    We do! Just contact us to discuss your project – email or phone +44 (0)1844 220 168.

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